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James Heron

Jimmy Heron

January 16, 1894 - Aug 31 1962

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James Joseph Heron, Born in Worcester, MA 1890.

Heron's first experience in show business was in his early teen working with animal exhibits in the New York and Massachusetts. In his late teens he met Andrew Downie and in 1917 became press agent on Downie's LaTena Circus. When Downie took out the Walter L. Main Circus Heron became it's treasurer and was in that position for 6 years. While on the Main Circus Jimmy owned and operated several pit show on the show's midway.

For the 1925 season Heron went out with the Miller Bros. 101 Ranch Show as treasurer, Downie had an investment in the show and Heron was there to protect Downie's interest.

In 1926 Downie took out the Downie Bros. Circus and brought Jimmy back as assistant manager the following year Heron was made manager of the show.

In 1930 Downie retired and sold the show to Charles Sparks who kept Jimmy on as manager.

In 1931 Jimmy Heron and Honest Bill Newton formed another circus in Jefferson, Ohio and operated it under the Walter L. Main title. The following season 1932 Honest Bill pulled out and Fred Buchanan became Jimmy's partner in the show. In 1932 the show left quarters as the Walter L. Main circus but the title changed mid season to Bostock's Wild Animal Circus the name changed again later in the season to Cody's Ranch, Wild West Circus.

In December of 1958, Jimmy Heron was diagnosed with cancer for which he was operated on. In 1962 the cancer recurred. James Joseph Heron passed away on August 31, 1962 in Jacksonville Florida. He was buried at Riverside Memorial Park, in Jacksonville.



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