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Wallace and Clark Circus


Wallace and Clark Circus

Wallace and Clark Circus truck
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Abandoned Wallace and Clark Circus Truck Body
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Photo submitted by; Francisco Solano
Recently found deteriorating truck.
Circus Performer Jack Prince
Jack Prince entering his stateroom


Special Thanks to Jack Prince for providing photos and information.


The Wallace and Clark Circus title was first used in 1951 by showman Norman "Luke" Anderson, son of Bud Anderson owner of the Seal Bros. Circus. In 1950 while touring Montana, Bud along with the elephant Eva were killed in a truck wreck causing the show to closed mid-season.

The following year 1951 Norman and his mother Laura decided to put the circus back on the road. Norman originally wanted to renamed Seal Bros. to Wallace and Kellogg, however Mrs. Anderson intervened and the circus was re-tilted Wallace and Clark Circus.

Norman purchased all new canvas for the show, several new trucks, and added animals to the sideshow, which was managed by Ward Hall. The featured animal attraction of the sideshow was Victor the Hippopotamus, which had toured with the John Robinson Circus.

1953 was the last season for this version of the Wallace Bros. Circus.

In 1959 the Wallace and Clark title was aquired from Norman by Pat Graham who a circus under that name from 1960 to 1962 then Graham renamed his circus to the Graham Bros. Circus.


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Circus clown Jack Prince
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Jack Prince
Bernie Giggs circus clown
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Circus clown Bernie Giggs

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