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Sparks Circus


Sparks Circus


Sparks Bros Circus with Damu Dhotre
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Featured performer Damu Dhotre
Circus band Sparks Bros Circus
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Circus cowboys Sparks Bros Circus
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Sparks Circus Poster
sparks circus clowns

The Sparks Circus began in the 1890s as the John H, Sparks Old Virginia Shows, it was a wagon show that toured the southern United States.

The circus grew in size and by 1916 was a 15 car railroad show. Charles Sparks, The adopted son of John H. Sparks was now manager and the show continued to grow. By the mid 1920s the circus was moving on 20 railroad cars.

Charles Sparks had resisted the show being sold to the the American Circus Corporation however in 1928 the show was sold to a buyer, Charles not knowing the buyer was actually the American Circus Corporation.

the ACC then sold the circus to Ringling who continued to operate it through 1931.



Maley on Sparks Bros Circus   Sparks Bros Circus Train
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Arnold Maley in office doorway   Sparks Circus Train
Arnold Maley on Left






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Circus performers on Sparks Bros Circus
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Circus Clown on Sparks Circus
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Sparks Circus Sideshow
Sparks Circus Wagon
Sparks Circus Clowns
1936 Sparks Bros Circus Poster
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Poster from 1936
Featuring Western Star Jack Hoxie

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