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Hoxie Bros. Circus


Hoxie Bros. Circus

Hoxie and Betty Tucker
Hoxie and Betty Tucker
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Hoxie Bros Circus aerial view 2
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Hoxie Bros sideshow
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Hoxie Bros Circus Sideshow 1981
Circus Trivia, Did You Know?   Did You Know, The Hoxie Bros. Circus was featured in the March 1972 edition of National Geographic magazine.


Nov. 17, 1943, Hoxie Tucker started the Hoxie Bros. Circus and opened the show in Greenville, FL.. Hoxie played mountainous towns in the southern states-where other shows would not go. "We were so damn poor that after we got the damn thing out, we stayed out 72 weeks without closing. Couldn't afford to close it. Had too many people around there who had to eat all winter."

In the late 50s and 60s the Hoxie Circus became known for it's trucks unusual color. All the show equipment were painted with a lavender color. The story goes that back in the days when gas stations had separate pumps for regular, high test and ethyl each painted a different color. Betty Tucker pulled into a station and noticed one of the pumps (Gulf Crest), painted in an unusual purple. She immediately fell in love with the color, return to the lot and told Hoxie she had found a new color or the show. One thing about it, everyone remembered the "Purple Trucks".

For the 1962 Hoxie teamed with Milton "Doc" Bartoc who had operated medicine shows for many years. Hoxie and Doc combined their equipment and operated for that season as the Hoxie-Bardex Bros Circus.

In the early 1970s John Hall became manager of the show and a new era began for the circus. Hall brought new ideas to the show and breath new life into the Hoxie Bros. Circus. The show went to a one format, repainted the purple trucks to a much brighter color scheme and replaced much of the aging equipment.

The new format was a huge success and now Hoxie Bros. competed with the "big ones".

For the 1976 season the show was a red, white and blue centennial spectacular with a patriotic themed performance. Also that year the sideshow fetured "Mongo the Gorilla", (Leased from Bob Noell). This was the first true gorilla to have been exhibited on a circus for many years.

By the late 1970s the Hoxie Bros. Circus had grown, making money and showing larger towns.

Hoxie decided to open a smaller second unit that could play the smaller towns the Hoxie show had out grown. The name of the new show was Hoxie's Great American Circus.


Hoxie Bros Circus Purple Trucks
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Hoxie's Purple Trucks


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John Hall Hoxie Bros Circus Manager
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Hoxie Bros Circus Manager John Hall
Hoxie purple
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Hoxie Bros Circus office Wagon
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Hoxie Bros Circus Office 1975
Hoxie Bros. Circus Sideshow
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Roger Boyd Jr on Sideshow Bally 1976

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